February 8, 2018: PERVADE and Katie Shilton Visit University of California Irvine

This past weekend, the PERVADE Team came together for their first principle investigator meeting at the University of California Irvine, the home institution of Matthew Bietz. While the weather was a beautiful 80 degrees, the team was inside updating each other on their projects, troubleshooting research roadblocks, and planning out the next 5 months of research.

This semester’s research agenda includes developing a “Yell at an Ethicist” Booth at conferences, building vignettes to prompt IRB manager focus groups at PRIM&R, exploring ethical considerations in data management plans, and exploring ethics curricula offered in computer science programs across the US.

The Department of Informatics at Irvine was kind enough to host a lunch with their PhD students who are exploring research questions from health information system design to data analytics for smart cities. Furthermore, the Department of Informatics hosted a panel discussion for the PERVADE team to share their research goals and take questions from the audience. The event can be viewed below.

Thank you once again UCI for hosting the PERVADE Team!