November 9, 2017: Donal & Jenny Prepare for Classroom Simulation

Over the past few months, Donal Heidenblad and Jenny Siegel have been working tirelessly to prepare their mobile development simulation for execution November 13 – 17. Students participating in the class and simulation will explore ethics surrounding mobile health data and data collection through a Dungeons & Dragons like scenario. As SIMCON (Dungeon Master), Jenny will direct students to explore literature, policy, and standards discussing requirements for deploying mobile apps collecting personal information and health data.
By the end of the exercise, students will develop two proposals; one proposal will represent a company’s privacy policy regarding their app while the other proposal will represent technical changes that are necessary to comply with privacy policy.

We look forward to the experience and student feedback! Stay tuned!

October 15, 2017: Lisa Federer Traces Hackathon Communication

This past August, Lisa Federer attended the NCBI Genomics Hackathon on August 14-16, 2017 to study scientific hackathons. The hackathon primarily focused on medical informatics, advanced bioinformatics analysis of next generation sequencing data, and metadata. Over the course of three days, students, scholars, and researchers worked to develop software/ pipelines for genomic analyses and medical informatics data.
Lisa tracked their conversations, tools, and work habits throughout the event, and days following the program.

Utilizing R and trace ethnography, Lisa examined different patterns of communication among teams and whether these have an impact on outcomes and outputs of the hackathon. Check out her repo which contains code used to create visual representations of hackathon communication in the form of Slack channels, Github Repos, and Google Docs!